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Ukraine Plane Hijacked : Carrying Evacuees From Afghanistan

Ukraine Plane Hijacked : Carrying Evacuees From Afghanistan

Deputy foreign minister Ukraine’s deputy foreign minister Yevgheniy Yenin has said on tuesday that’s “Today that last sunday i’ll repeat that last sunday our plane was hijacked and he means day before yesterday last sunday our plane was hijacked by other people”.

The plane was practically stolen from Ukraine and it flew into iran with an unidentified group of passengers keywords key phrases unidentified group of passengers he also has gone on to say it was practically stolen from the ukrainians instead of airlifting ukrainians it was stolen from them three evacuation attempts were not successful because their people could not get into the airport it says hijackers were armed.

The plane is concerned or whether kiev which is the capital of ukraine was trying to get the flight back now it’s a it’s a very precarious situation and the only denial that is coming so far and repeating that the reports the reports. The report suggesting that the civil aviation organization of iran denied claims on hijacking of a ukrainian plane they’ve gone on record to deny any claims of hijacking of a ukrainian plane saying that this plane came to marshall that accepting that the plane came to marshal airport which is a northeastern iran for refuelling and after refueling it left for ukraine and arrived at kiev airport at 9:50.

They’re not denying that the plane came to bashar but they’re denying that the plane was hijacked they’re also adding that the plane went back to kiev which is something that we can’t confirm and we can’t confirm that because the ukrainian minister has not said that to the news agency as of this minute so it’s a very fluid situation.
A lot of conflicting reports whether it was a military aircraft of the ukraine air force or it was a civilian airline of of afghanistan number one number two ukrainians maintain by the statement of the deputy foreign affairs minister that the plane seems to have been hijacked or stolen while the iranians are denying both reports in fact they are coming out as friendly nation which refuelled the plane at mashal and the plane went back and we actually landed in kiev sunday.

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