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Ukraine : Presidential Aide targeted in assassination attempt

An apparent assassination attempts on the chief Aide to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelinski. Ukrainian police say more than 10 bullets hit the car carrying the Aid sergey sheffield seriously wounding his driver. But not Shafer himself. The incident occurred near the village of Les Lesniki just outside of the capital Kiev. It is still too early what we hear from Ukrainian officials those are pure speculations. Some say that it could have something to do with the fight against oligarchs some mighty businessmen and tycoons.


The most likely targets sergey sheffield. He was a very important Aide to president Zielinski that is true. They were friends and they were in entertainment business together. When the current Ukrainian. president was a film star and a comedy star So, Mr Sheffield was a playwright and he was a director of his entertainment company which was very successful in Ukraine in the 90s the early 2000 years. So, they know each other for decades and Mr Zielenski the president made him his aide when he was elected in 2019. But Mr Schaefer was not a very public figure. So he was acting from behind. He very seldom gave interviews he was not often in the news. So we can only speculate what is actually behind it. So it is not clear if it was a message for him or for. The president Zielenski is currently in the United States.


There has been a reaction from Zelinski. He was informed about this at night. Mr Zielinski said that he still he doesn’t know at this stage who could be behind this attack. But that he will continue with reforms and the response to this attack will be hard. So he was he seemed to be very angry and very resolute to response.

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