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US-China Tension over South China Sea

Why are tensions increasing in the South China Sea? Here is reasons.

Last sunday the United states repeated a warning to china that an attack on the Philippine armed forces in south China sea would trigger a 1951.

U.S Philippines mutual defense treaty U.S secretary of state Anthony in statement a clear shot across the bows of China came on the fifth anniversary of a ruling by an international arbitration tribunal which dismissed China’s claims in the south China sea.
What is sometimes called the nine dash line the United States reaffirms its july 13 2020 policy regarding maritime claims in the South China sea lincoln said he was referring to the rejection objection by the former President Donald trump’s administration of china’s claims to offshore resources in most of the south china sea lincoln has made the point before including during an april 8th conversation with the Philippine foreign minister.

In which the state department said he reaffirmed the applicability of the treaty to the South China sea.
There was this incident in which the chinese military said it had driven away a U.S warship that had illegally entered chinese waters near the paracel islands on monday.
So this happened yesterday this is a day after lincoln’s warning to China and this is this was the benfold and according to the Navy it had entered the Chinese waters illegally.

The plan statement said, “We urge the United States to immediately stop such provocative actions now interestingly also this reference to the nine dash line will try and put a map off it.”

This is not generally not referred to by china there have been five or six occasions when this term has been used by china but it basically is it’s used more outside of China. It was presented in 2009 and China asserted that it has indisputable sovereignty over the islands in the south china sea and the adjacent waters and enjoy sovereign rights and jurisdiction over the relevant waters as well as the seabed and subsoil thereof and this the publication of the map china and the philippines engaged in a standoff at the scarborough shoal in 2012.

It still is a problem the scarborough shoal is a problematic area and a bone of contention between the Philippines and China. A Philippine navy surveillance aircraft detected a chinese fishing vessels near the scarborough shoal and this was on april 8 2012.

So there were a number of other sort of events and then the Philippines took this issue to the arbitration tribunal which basically with the matters that it adjudicated had to do with the relief source by the philippines and then the china’s response it never was a part of the proceedings It obviously rejected it.

The fifth anniversary of the decision of the tribunal which repudiated China’s claims to the waters and the resources in the south china sea so the timing was not unusual there wasn’t anything imminent that prompted it there have been a number of incidents where the Philippines has come to the united states.

They said these chinese ships are preventing our fishermen from getting to our historical. fishing grounds back in march of this year about 200 chinese ships were tethered together in a few lines in what philippines considers to be its 200 within its 200 200-mile economic exclusive economic zone and that was probably one of the biggest.
The issues that had risen but lincoln’s statement again was was written it was not like he stood before he wasn’t out there in the field and it was reasserting a commitment what was interesting is of course blinking works now for the biden administration he actually at the same time. The Trump policy that the United States would abide by the tribunal ruling and that of course have a 70-year mutual defense treaty with the Philippines and that if china were to be aggressive against Philippine naval or public vessels then that would invoke the mutual defense treaty.

China is a party to own clause the United States is not and in the last few years the U.S and it’s not just in relation to china also in relation to some of the allies accepting Australia and Canada.
The U.S navy has been rather aggressive in terms of exercising what it calls the right of innocent passage through waters which it different States including allied states are kind of pushing their sovereignty beyond what the United states thinks they should so that’s one thing  would like to secondly the U.S is not a part of own clauses. it’s a coincidence that the very next day plan claim to have driven away.

The U.S navy said that it was only exercising the right of innocent passage it’s true the united states is not a signatory to U.N class though. The United states abides by it china did sign it and when it signed, close it gave up its historical rights to its claims in the south china sea that was one of the issues that was brought up by the arbitration five years ago that the areas of the water within that so-called nine dash line or at it chinese refer to it historically as the cow’s tongue because it looks like a cow’s tongue that those were historic waters but china gave those up when it signed u.n class now the united states certainly is very active in the pacific certainly washington does not say that the U.S is aggressive but ships are allowed to make friendly passage and it’s passing through waters that are disputed among six different parties but china says this historically belongs to us and so it’s primarily china that takes exception to u.s friendly passage.


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