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U.S combat forces to leave Iraq by end of year Says Biden

Washington : U.S has formally agreed to end its combat mission in iraq by the end of the year although some forces will remain in a training and advisory role.biden

The U.S had boots on the ground in the country for almost two decades. The history of America’s involvement there so it’s the top story on every network.

The Iraqi Prime minister meets with president Joe biden to discuss the withdrawal of all U.S troops from Iraq by the end of the year but after 18 years and thousands of lives lost. Why do U.S go into iraq into the first place days after 9:11 where then president George Bush met with his top advisors at camp david right outside of washington D.C counter-terrorism specialists told the group Osama bin laden carried out the attack and the enemy is a small group of terrorists in afghanistan.

But one man deputy secretary of defense paul told the president of a strategic plan that was approved by his boss Donald rumsfeld so he outlined this half of iraq’s people live in the north the kurds and they don’t like Saddam Hussein the other half live in the south next to an american ally kuwait the u.s could easily take over these two areas.

Then take over iraq’s major oil fields ultimately cutting off saddam from his main moneymaker oil pretty good plan right good plan except it wasn’t a rock that attacked us the head of the counter-terrorism center reiterated. U.S were attacked on september 11th by Osama bin laden and al-qaeda in Afghanistan Saddam Hussein and Iraq have nothing whatsoever to do with this but the plan was so good.

It had to make sense of it enter the narrative Saddam has weapons of mass destruction and he’s going to give them to our enemies who will carry out another 9:11 style attack it was perfect it’s what human psychology proves to us when you’re a big believer in something and you really have to do something everything you see confirms what you want to believe the big plan was bought by congress including then senator joe biden.

Even by other countries like the UK who invaded iraq with us but the truth saddam had no weapons of mass destruction there was no evidence but there is evidence the U.S invaded iraq to take its oil look where all of iraq’s biggest oil fields are and those areas.

The North and the South the U.S goes in bombs baghdad in 2003 sets up military bases and look where they put them kind of like that plan they talked about at camp. Today the number of bases are down but the important ones left still buy those oil fields.
The death toll looks like a loss more than a gain and look more civilian deaths than all the other numbers mostly military combined the U.S has spent over a trillion dollars in taxpayer money lost thousands of lives and while the u.s forces get ready to pack up and go home are the big oil companies just getting started well there are a number of dimensions of this.

The first point out was snatching the oil and avoiding what might have happened if saddam had been able to go into kuwait and the whole region had reorganized itself in terms of the global oil trade in terms of the role of the dollar in that trade and all the strategic questions around that but we can call it whatever you want this is also a defeat of the united States and playing around with words to avoid admitting that is not going to help the situation.

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