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US Ends War in Afghanistan as Last US Military Planes Leave Kabul

The last u.s service member leaving afghanistan ending america’s longest war the military mission is over a new diplomatic mission has begun the taliban ousted by the u.s in 2001.


now celebrating with gunfire in the streets with the general overseeing the withdrawal speaking soberly to pentagon reporters there’s a lot of heartbreak associated with this departure did not get everybody out that they wanted to get out the u.s has moved its diplomatic mission to qatar and is vowing to help those left behind depart in the coming days about 250 americans and countless afghans who helped america’s cause many are still there our commitment to them has no deadline the total casualties during the evacuation remain unclear including afghans killed in the initial evacuation chaos.


13 u.s service members and more than 100 afghans killed in an islamic state attack thursday and more afghans killed sunday in subsequent explosions after the u.s military blew up a suspected islamic state vehicle-borne bomb a day or a week where lose 13 service members is the worst day or the worst week of presidency white house spokesperson jinsaki said the president stands by his decision to withdraw about 400 service members died in afghanistan during the 20 years of war the u.s killed al qaeda leader osama bin laden and prevented al-qaeda terrorists from launching another attack against the american homeland but it ultimately failed to build a government and military capable of defeating.

the taliban causing many americans to fear that the gains made by several afghan groups such as women and girls could be lost and the lives of those who aided americans.

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