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Veteran Actor Dilip Kumar Passes away

Dilip Kumar

Unfortunate news coming in this morning of legendary actor and superstar Dilip kumar passing away.

Dilip Kumar

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The confirmation has just come in from a mumbai hospital in which he was admitted for the last few days.
The confirmation is that the 98 year old veteran actor has unfortunately left us he breath his last in the hospital this morning now the at this point the statement that’s come in is that at Hinduja hospital the Kumar breathed his last at 7.30 this morning.
After a long and prolonged illness he passed away. Indian film industry dilip kumar known as the original superstar the first corner of bollywood has passed away this has been confirmed by his doctors who’ve been treating him for the last few weeks he was in and out of hospital for the last few weeks because of a prolonged illness the unfortunate news that’s coming in this morning is that the acting legend dilip kumar who inspired so many in this industry who really set the path that we are on right now as far as filmmaking is concerned has left us.
Dileep kumar the original superstar known as the first Khan of bollywood has passed away and he’s been credited of course with bringing some of the biggest hits and really changing how the film industry functions in india and the world and that’s what he’ll be remembered for for all of his contributions to the to films his contribution to film making and how he dedicated his life to the art. He Was Very passionately loved very unfortunate news that’s coming in this morning the veteran actor has been battling a prolonged illness for quite some time and at Hinduja hospital where he was admitted last week lost his life Today.
The doctors who’ve been treating him did confirm this he was in and out of hospital for the last few months having contracted an illness he’s said to have had also contracted pneumonia and at 98 the superstar has left. Dilip kumar was of course battling illnesses bravely battling them at that for the last many months but the hospital we understand has confirmed that he this morning as we all know that the 98 year old actor has been in and out of the hospital he had been you know complaining of breathlessness over the past month month and a half he had been in and out almost three times and it was only last week that he was wheeled into the hospital last tuesday in fact that he was wheeled into the hospital again complaining of recklessness and we get this sad news that dilip kumar is in no more.

His body of work he was known as the tragedy king and he came to Mumbai. For his performances know be it Mugly Azam the kind of hospitalities that the actor Dilip kumar showed be hit with his comic timing beat with his strategy roles so it is come as a huge blow to  the indian film industry of course see a lot of tributes pouring in as well that the news is coming out slowly and you know most importantly Dilip kumar has touched the lives of many actors including Amitabh bachchan has always gone on record to say that he has come to bombay to become an actor only because he was inspired by Dilip kumar and of course then there is Shahrukh khan as well.

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