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Von Der Leyen : EU will donate 200 million Covid-19 doses to low-income countries

The European Union Commission chief  Von Der Leyen has pledged to almost double the block’s donation of Covid-19 vaccine doses to low-income countries.


Von Der Leyen made the announcement in her annual state of the union address at the European parliament. She was the real star at the European parliament in strasbourg Paralympics gold medalist feverville. She has managed to achieve all of that by living up to her belief that if it seems impossible then it can be done. EU commission president usually fonder line brought Italian fence avio as a guest of honor to her annual state of the European Union speech. An example of achievement also reflected in her outlook on the union itself. She praised the ear success in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and she presented the new EU health agency an attempt to join forces and to share knowledge with proposal the people get the Hera authority up and running.


This will be a huge asset to deal with future health threats earlier and better. Von Der Leyen has pledged another 200 million covid-19 jobs to low-income countries almost doubling the blocks vaccine donations ourselves for the high vaccination numbers in Europe. While only three percent of the African population have received one dose besides the ongoing pandemic Ozuna. Von Der Leyen named the climate emergency as one of the major challenges for the EU. She said the recent floods in Germany and wildfires in Southern Europe which is further proof of this climate change is only man made. But since it is man-made..


We can do something about it especially. The greens consider this something that’s not ambitious enough. We are the European union, we are the richest and in so. Many ways the most free region of the world. So we need to stand in the front line. We need to be the best a sentence Ozuna. Von Der Leyen would probably approve. But she asked other parts of the world to do more as well first and foremost. The United States well to talk more about the EU’s pledge to nearly double its vaccine donations.



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