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Weaponry left in Afghanistan reflects ‘incompetent way’ the US withdrew troops

The last american troops have left afghanistan marking the end of a two-decade trillion-dollar war the longest in u.s history it also marks the end of a two-week airlift which saw more than 120000 americans and afghan allies frantically evacuated from kabul airport but there’s no end to the fierce scrutiny of president joe biden’s military advisers with talk of hundreds of american citizens reportedly left behind in the taliban now controlled country which is swarming too with isis k terrorists.


Some images in a video that’s been circulating online now these aren’t us troops despite the uniforms they are taliban militants wearing american fatigues holding american guns inspecting an american helicopter.
This is absolutely astounding they could not take out the rifles and machine guns that were in the hands of the afghan army but the fact that there are six hundred thousand weapons there personal weapons the fact that there are major items of equipment like area like aircraft just blows away they can destroy an aircraft very easily and this reflects the extraordinary incompetent way that the americans have conducted their withdrawal.


The things that should really worry U.S are firstly the uniforms the night vision goggles see night vision devices the latest generation was the greatest advantage that we have had now if a lot of those have gone into the hands of the taliban have got a big problem a lot of the it stuff that was there plus a lot of the data that was there they will suspect that the taliban will export a lot of those things to others never but that part of the world is awash with small arms so it’s even more awash now so this is the this is the result of president biden from all the reports we hear ignoring the general’s view not to cut the troops back and my understanding was that secretary of defense austin said exactly the same thing to him this is a real problem.


They’re not going to be able to fly the blackhawks they’re not sophisticated the taliban army is not sophisticated in terms of accessing the kit that’s there what wasn’t destroyed and not enough was destroyed but the issue is you know counterfeiting in china experts military experts in iran it’ll be shipped out to others who can then make it to be brought back in it’ll be used by terrorists isis k are fairly sophisticated in the work they do it’s a pretty naive view of the world that these are just ragtag rebels from out of the hills isn’t it is and one of the greatest problems that have in an intervention and this is what we seem always to be doing is interventions in that part of the world one of the great problems that we had was certainly that people would steal uniforms or make uniforms and then our approach approach troops and be able to kill them this has changed the dynamic in U.S ability to know who was on our side and who was not on our side it’s not the end of the world by any stretch of the imagination U.s stuffed up things before and managed to come out of them the great example that everyone gives is U.s lost the vietnam war but we won the cold war.

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