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What are ‘fan tokens’ that Lionel Messi’s PSG package

The argentinian star footballer lionel messi who arrived at barcelona aged 13 left the la liga club after 17 successful seasons.

Messi has now joined paris saint-germain club there’s also something unique time in messi’s signing fee lionel messi signing fee at paris saint-germain includes some of the french clubs cryptocurrency fan tokens so what are these fan tokens?
Fan tokens are basically type of cryptocurrency that means a digital only asset as your name clearly suggests any fan of the club can buy these crypto tokens with real hard money with these fans can gain access to exclusive content augmented reality games it also permits holders to access a variety of fan related membership perks.

Like voting on club decisions rewards merchandise designs unique experiences and a lot more in fact they can also be used by sports clubs music fan clubs and other organizations to democratize and organize experiences establish club leadership and much more unlike nfts fan tokens are completely fungible or interchangeable.
This means that the tokens can be exchanged for sports club merchandise vip experiences.
a lot more than that but like bitcoins fan tokens are volatile assets and their value can drastically change overnight in fact these fan tokens are created by a crypto platform called socios so is messi the only player to get a fee in cryptocurrency.
Fan tokens contributed significantly to messi’s welcome package which has a reported value of 25 to 30 million.

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1 Comment

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