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Why did those African Penguins die?

The South Africa where more than 60 African penguins were found dead near cape town. When that happened conservationists were left scratching their heads it became a crime scene investigation for scientists trying to save the endangered species with only ten thousand breeding pairs left in the world.


The African penguins endangered. They spend a lot of effort trying to save every individual. 60 that die in one go in a normal natural ecosystem. It would probably be fine. But with such an endangered species. They really hot broken that they had to find so many healthy birds in one place. All dead at the same time. The carcasses were discovered near cape town.


The cause an attack by honeybees most likely a beehive was disturbed and the beast became aggressive. The stinks mainly targeted the vulnerable parts around the eyes. Here’s another little one. There’s one just around the mouth. So most of them had a lot of sticks.

Some of them had over 20 stings that’s definitely enough to kill even a strong big penguin. A rather rare bee attack however is not the biggest concern for researchers. African penguins are in danger of extinction. Population numbers have plummeted in recent years. Only 10,000 breeding pairs remain 20 years ago.

The scientists are worried that only one out of three newborn penguins survive their first year. The reason is a lack of food, a lack of fish caused by destroyed ecosystems, global warming as well as unsustainable fishing.

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