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World Health Organization approved Vaccine of Malaria for children

The world health organization has just approved the first ever vaccine to prevent Malaria in Africa.


This is a life and death breakthrough that finally puts the odds of survival in favor of the children. Most of the people who catch and die from Malaria live in Africa most are under the age of five. Scientists say the Malaria is far more deadly than Covid-19 in Africa killing more than 380 thousand people in 2019 alone the head of the W.H.O calls the vaccine a gift to the world and is urging vaccinations to start across the continent immediately. Clinical trials were carried out in seven African countries.


We have long hoped for an effective Malaria vaccine and now for the first time ever we have such a vaccine recommended for widespread use today’s recommendation. Therefore offers a glimmer of hope for the continent. We expect many African children will be protected from Malaria and grow into healthy and productive adults.


It’s very different in terms of the challenges to keep the focus and and bring something like this a new tool like this to the brink of potential impact in Africa. It’s very different to Covid-19 but its a historic event and a really important step along the way.

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