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WWE Network: The Good and the Bad and How It Affects Wrestling Fans
If you’re a wrestling fan, or even just a sports fan, there’s a lot to love about the WWE Network. If you’re not, however, it can be difficult to justify the cost. So what does this all mean for wrestling fans? Is it worth the price of admission — and will we see other companies follow suit? We’ve got all that and more in this article.

WWE RAW (Live) On AsiaSat5@100

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The WWE is in the middle of a resurgence in popularity and interest, with its weekly TV show SmackDown consistently delivering top ratings and selling out arenas across the world. But what exactly is the WWE? What does it stand for? And why do people love it so much? In this article, we’re going to cover all of that. We’re also going to take a look at some of the most popular WWE wrestlers today, their best matches, and where you can watch them. Finally, we’ll end with a look at the WWE’s upcoming schedule.

1. What is the WWE?

The WWE is an American company that promotes professional wrestling. It is the largest wrestling promotion company in the world, and has expanded into live entertainment, television, film, video games, and pay-per-view events. The WWE was co-founded by Jess McMahon and Toots Mondt in 1952 as Capitol Wrestling Corporation.Vince McMahon — WWE CEO, and current tag-team champion with Triple H — is most famous for acquiring his first sporting real estate: the WWE. At the time of his announcement, Vince was World Heavyweight Champion of the WWF (World Wrestling Federation). Although Vince expanded the company into a new television and online version, his large footprints in the sports media arena gave him an invaluable spot in history: the wrestling king. Today in the wrestling world, he presides over a stable of extremely talented young talent that could one day be the next “faces” of the WWE.
The WWE is a huge company with a ton of jargon to describe its shows. Somehow it manages to sell everything — from tights to boots to cameras to a Pay Per View special. Vince himself said in an interview that JBL and Shanaam Hayne are like his sons and that they will grow up to take over the WWE someday. I guess that would make Taker and Rey too, if you somehow skipped JBL and Shanaam’s matches throughout the New Kadavarapallea and World Tag League seasons. Expect handicap matches and creative tag team matches mixed into the better matches. Most exciting of all, there’s a ton of gameplay — that you can see a video of below.
The feature film in the WWE universe is called “Raw Is Unholy mat.” The uncensored commentary is sometimes entertaining, and other times, profoundly disturbing. Even the most loyal fans have to admit that this WWE is not for the faint of heart. The unbridled excitement for the matches can sometimes end up being a bloodbath, with both wrestlers throwing each other off steel chairs while a colossal chair crashes into the ring. You have to see it to believe it.

2. The history of the WWE

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is an American company that deals with professional wrestling, which is typically staged in a ring between two or more wrestlers. The company is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, and is an established member of theForbes 400.
WWE The History
WWE began in the 1980s, when the company purchased the right to sponsor the World Football League (NFL) as part of a five-year exclusive contract. This took place in the midst of the Professional Football League (NFL) in America being rocked by numerous racist scandals, including a infamous ‘tupperware cooler containing’ incident in 1984. Despite these incidents taking place decades prior, the WWE was able to secure a new testing contract for its performing department.
After securing an exclusive long-term contract, the WWE announced its bid for World Championship Wrestling (WCW), which was rejected. Taking this as a sign that their contract would expire, the WWE, along with a few others, negotiated major pay cut for the WCW lineup, along with a new name and format for the show. While the WWE initially wanted to avoid conflict with other promotions, these sides did not work out, and the first Raw TV taping was held on November 22, 2005.
At the 2006 Raw TV taping, the big announcement was made: despite rumors that the WWE would consider re-branding as an all-female wrestling league, the company would instead focus on a male-centric brand. A short while later, the company added the launching platform of SmackDown! programming, with both its regular weekly shows and several weekly special programs featuring celebrities, music, matches, and other programming. These were designed to add life to the sporting event style the WWE already had going – namely performing, singing, and tossing baseballs.
Today, in addition to its weekly TV shows, SmackDown! features separate, overseas-focused events, such as SmackDown! Mania, SmackDown! In Your House, and so on.

3. Why do people love the WWE?

Despite its scripted nature, people love WWE because it gives them a chance to escape from reality and suspend disbelief for a few hours. You can tune in and watch a guy jump from a 20-foot ladder through a table and, because he landed on his feet, he’ll be fine.If you took a Scientific American quiz, you would score over 103 percent—you see, the wrestling matches are technical and well-researched. They’re also very physical, with countless professional wrestling moves and artistically constructed environments (much like any amusement park ride). You can celebrate all of that without having to miss Raw each week!
What is the WWE?
The WWE, or World Wrestling Entertainment, is a professional wrestling league founded in the 1980s. Currently, it airs on the USA network and employs more than 7,500 people. It started off as a one-hour television show but expanded to weekly TV shows, along with decades of annual events.
Who holds the WWE championship?
The championship is held by “The Rock” (as it’s commonly called) and is the top prize of the WWE. There are currently seven holders of the championship, including The Undertaker, who is the only and current “king” of the WWE. After he “retires” from professional wrestling, he often takes on a title role in movies, hosting his own talk show and inspiring children all over the world.
What is the Raw program?
After the main events have taken place, Raw goes head to head with a twist. Instead of being scheduled right after Raw, SmackDown! heads straight to pre-recorded segments and interviews, providing people with a chance to war about whatever they want. Each card is one of the largest events of the year, and it’s also one of the most marketable.
How many superstars does the WWE have?
When you think of the WWE, you might think of The Rock, John Cena, and Edge, but the WWE also has multiple superstars who play an important part in their company’s success.

4. Current day wrestlers and matches to watch for

WWE Network is the home of all pay-per-views and you can sign up for a free trial at, we’re going to cover one of the most significant aspects of the WWE: its roster. Remember, this is not a wiki
Gain access to exclusive content and data that only get found by subscribers of the WWE Network
So, what is the WWE, you ask? And how exactly do you become one? Well, let me break this down for you:
The WWE is a wrestling league that oversees the annual Royal Rumble, one of the biggest wrestling events in the world. The organization hails from the old-school 1980s, but has traveled a long way since then:
Have you ever attended a wrestling show, watched the Raws, or even fallen for the occasional wrestling show on television? I sure have. These programs were huge in my youth and many people grew up watching these kinds of programs as part of Friday afternoon sporting events.
But hey — it’s 2015 and pro wrestling is over. Sure, there might be a few shows a year (like Summerslam, which I’m assuming is a holiday somewhere in 2016), but it’s all about YouTube stars at play. Much like Hollywood screenwriters and directors, wrestlers are getting contracts, pitching their own shows, and often flocking to the big leagues.
But this is not all — and create a misconception for some:
There are allegations of verbal and physical abuse being committed by wrestlers against each other on a regular basis.
There are plenty of wrestlers who have made comments and been involved in controversies with their peers. There have even been some who have been sued. Consider this abysmal list of notable lawsuits, which can range from simple locker room warfare to actual lawsuits:
The Undertaker vs. John Cena: 323,500 (for $3.

5. Upcoming events in the WWE’s schedule

The following is a list of events that have been announced by the WWE, but have yet to take place.

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