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Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE Specification

So in 2021 so far we’ve already had the xiaomi 11Lite and the xiaomi 11Lite 5g which boosted the performance although both were somewhat overshadowed by absolutely stunning handsets like the poco f3 but now xiaomi is back baby with the somewhat clinically titled xiaomi 11 lite 5g ne.

NE stands for nipple ejaculation or possibly new addition one of the two definitely just take your pick is a fresh super slim design and once again upgraded performance to come with anything you chuck at it but is the xiaomi 11 lite 5g any actually any girls and goddamn that name just gets worse the more you see it well let’s whip it 11 Lite 5g ne well you have one reasonably chunky adapter good bit of usb action you’ve got real one usb type-c to 3.5 mil headphone adapter which means of course bugger all headphone jack on the xiaomi 11 Lite 5g ne and some bits to keep your shiny new xiaomi blower safe from home including a  screen protector.


everything that you’ll find in the box now first impressions of the xiaomi 11 light 5g na definitely already loving this thing they were not about when they said it’s one of the slimmest smartphones around it is super skinny that frame is just 6.8 millimeters thick and thankfully the camera chassis doesn’t jerk very far at all from the surface as well to retain that slender appeal and this thing ain’t just skinny it’s super light as well at just 158 grams it’s very impressive indeed considering this is a 6.55 inch smartphone and love that back end design as well you can grab this any model in bubblegum blue peach pink truffle black or snowflake white.

A bit different isn’t it of course can also 100 get why people would really take against this design it’s certainly not for all tastes and also xiaomi specs weren’t specific but the back end and the engine both appear to be made from plastic now though up front you do have a good bit of gorilla glass 5 so hopefully that should prove nice and scratch resistant and you do have that screen protector bundled in the box and in the sim tray you’ve got spares for two sims at once otherwise that second sim slot can be used for a micro sd memory card to expand the storage okay so xiaomi 11 lite 5g ne all set up and ready for action and won’t spend too long hopping on about the software side of things because once again like with all recent xiaomi smartphones is android 11 with miui 12 smothering that more for and changing it up quite a bit at least in this latest version of miui miui 12 you’ve got the apps tree on there you’ve got the google discover feed all the sort of staple android stuff and then you’ll find loads of extra miui bonus bits stuck on top of that just to help you get the most from your smartphone quite a lot more actually pretty damn good fully customize the always on display for instance and also the notifications edge lighting effect that pops up whenever something like a message lands on your phone.


the xiaomi 11 lite 5g ne seems to use the same excellent edge mounted fingerprint sensor as that 11t pro model which into that incredibly narrow power button but seems very very responsive very quick to work and you do have the usual fierce unlock shenanigans as well which again super responsive does seem to work even when you’re wearing face masks though so probably not the most secure around shall we say if you want to download shared loads of apps and music and movies and all that good stuff well you got 128 or 256 gigs of storage here on the xiaomi 11 lite 5g ne and that is expandable via microsd as mentioned before so don’t worry too much about bumping up your budget to that 256 gig model you can always check a little extra storage in there later on if you find you need it now xiaomi certainly hasn’t skimped when it comes to the display tick on the 11 like 5g ne because that 6.55 inch amoled panel certainly an absolute stunner you’ve got your standard full hd plus resolution 2400 by 1080 so you know pretty crisp visuals despite the fact it is a spacious panel but impressively you’ve also got hdr 10 plus and dolby vision hdr streaming support.

the 5g ne something that you tend to only find on really premium smartphones and of course xiaomi’s on 11t pro so bang on a dolby vision show netflix for instance and you’ll be tripped to beautifully gorgeously natural visuals really sharp contrast and really lifelike accurate colors too there is a selfie cam orifice that slightly intrudes on the action when you go full screen but at least it’s tucked away in a corner that’s definitely the it bezels aren’t too chunky you’ve got nice wide viewing angles and on that top brightness you’ll have no problem with outdoors visibility because you do get quite vivid uh output unsurprisingly on the default vivid modes but you can go into the display settings and tinker on with the color output so you can get for instance a good bit of srgb action on the go if you want to do some photo editing this is also where you can tinker with the refresh rate as well as you can see it’s set to 60 hertz by default you can bump that up to 90 hertz if you want a more silky smooth experience and obviously for your supported apps.
a stereo speaker set up here on the xiaomi 11 light 5g got to stop saying the name of this bloody thing because it takes half an hour.

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