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Xiaomi 11t Pro full specification, Battery, Ram, Rom, Price review

The Xiaomi 11t Pro is as swish as pretty much any smartphone out there. Chipstet snapdragon 888 power crazy fast, 120 watt charging support. A 108 megapixel rear camera sensor, some other smashing specs considering this thing starts at just 599 quid. Which is of course a fraction of a price of a Samsung S21 or an Iphone 13. So, if you are after some of the best mobile hardware going is the Xiaomi 11t Pro good enough to be your next phone.


Around front its Gorilla Glass victus coating. Unfortunately the protector also scratches up rather easily. As this smartphone is a near 6.7 inch behemoth. It is two hands all the way here. There is a one-handed mode but it’s rather awkward to activate. If you use gesture navigation and overall gotta say quite like the design here on the Xiaomi 11t Pro. Even if it doesn’t feel quite as premium as some flagship rivals.


It loads of extra bits bolted on such as a dedicated gaming modes a customizable always on display and apps like security which include handy tools like a nuisance number blocker and a network tester. The fingerprint sensor, which is built into the side power button which is impressively responsive even when your mitts or damp are a bit grubby on the flip side, this thing is absolutely loaded with crap wear like facebook, linkedin and TikTok.


Unfortunately there is no support for Micro SD Memory Cards. So you can’t expand the 128 or 256 gigs of ufs 3.1 storage.

One of the best bits of the Xiaomi 11t Pro is most assuredly that 6.67 inch amoled screen. This may support a full Hd Plus Resolution. The visuals aren’t as sharp as that quad Hd panel on the mi 11 flagship phone.


Definitely a good one for gamers and especially if you like your online titles you’ve got WI-FI 6 support on here and you’ve got 5G support across both of the two sim slots and battery life is also fantastic here on the 11t pro. Really a massive shock considering the enormous 5,000 milliamp capacity cell bund into this thing.

The Xiaomi 10t Pro is one of the best out there supporting 120 Watt mega charging. If you use the absolute brick of a charger that’s bundled in the box. You will get full power from empty and pretty much bang on 20 minutes and the phone stays cool too.


The Xiaomi 11t Pro also offers an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle shooter for fitting everything in properly. Colours are most definitely booked with this snapper. But otherwise it is fine and yes as usual there is a five megapixel a telemacro snapper on the back. End here as well if you want to shoot things really up close for whatever reason. Now video can be captured at up to 8K resolution.


If you really want to burn through that storage otherwise stuck with 4K for most of horn movies with an HDR10 Plus option when the contrast is strong and You will like the footage that spaff out by this thing. You get strong detail and natural looking video both indoors and out and even in low light the Xiaomi 11t Pro holds up pretty well against the competition audio-wise.


It is decent too, no real issues when picking up vocals from a distance or any kind of distortion, when you are shooting outside. Even the image stabilization is excellent at Ultra HD level and then last up there’s that 20 Megapixel Selfie camera. Which is perfectly acceptable for capturing your expressions of joy and being alive complete with a portrait mode.


This smartphone is a bit of a stunner. Especially that price you know you’ve got that fantastic performance great for gaming as well thanks to the effective coolant tech. A gorgeous dolby vision display with the effect of stereo speaker output. Brilliant battery life and crazy fast recharge speeds and a dependable enough everyday camera that only really fluffs its lines when it comes to moving subjects in more ambient conditions. Xiaomi is finally offering dedicated software updates as well as a three years of os updates. So you know buy this thing. it’s not going to be completely neglected within a year. So you really love it.

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