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How to Check Zong Balance 2021 – Full Guide Codes

Zong Balance Check Code :- *222#

Many people need to know the balance of Zong Mobile Recharge Cards. You can check your zong balance by dialing a short code on your phone. For example, if you have a zong recharge card of Rs 100, dial *310# to know the balance of your account.

1. How to check Zong balance?

The Zong App is available for both Android and iOS users. Any user can be able to check his/her Zong balance using the below-mentioned steps:
Step I: Open the Zong App by clicking on it`s icon.
Step II: Enter your phone number.
Step III: Enter the security code.

StepIV: Select the currency amount you desire to deposit in your account
Step V: Once you have selected the currency in which you wish to deposit, in the next screen provide the phone number of the person you want to deposit the suspicious amount to. Then, confirm your choice by pressing the button.
Step VI: Select the TLD (Country Code Top Level domain) of the USD/INR USD and the domain extension
Step VII: Select the world-wide normal language version/DMZ (do not use Hindi/Vedic/Urdu)!
Then, select the PIN and scan the QR Code provided in the pop-up.
Step VIII: In case your phone lacks A13 / A14 region and the phone number is disqualified for the given number, provide the last four of the SSN and password.
Step IX: Select the destination credit card and select the relevant credit card interface set up.
Step X: Provided inputted security code will be entered in the input field of the Credit Card Interface Set Up and the transaction will start.
Zong strictly follows the guidelines given by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), which states that, “Avoid obtaining more than one security code from the same person or using multiple security codes for the same card.”
Also, if you have multiple credit cards you must enter ONE code for each card.. The company doesn’t support booking by phone or SMS, and you have to pay by credit card. How much has the power of Zong increased? Well, something new is added to I-cancellation policy that is now available if your card’s value is fluctuating day by day.

2. How to recharge your Zong balance?

You will be able to recharge your Zong Balance in two ways. You can do it either through your Zong Account or through the Zong app. Here are the steps you need to follow to recharge your Zong Balance through your Zong Account. First, log in to your Zong Account at logging in, you will see a see a section called “Recharge Account.” From here, you need to select the links which you wish to recharge.
You can recharge your Zong Card by pressing the button on the front of your card, you don’t have to insert the card in the charging machine. Once the Zong card is charged, you can start to use the services offered by the app.
To recharge a Zong Card by using the app, you have to carry the pin-code of the card in the app when you dial *98#. Then the app will guide you on the way to recharge your balance. You don’t have to interfere in any way till you have completed the process. Here’s how you can recharge your Zong Card using the app. 1. Tap on the link “Rerecharge” on the left side of the app where you will be guided to set up your card.
2. Once the “Recharge” link is clicked, you will be directed to enter a pin. Enter the pin and read the instructions on the screen. (The screen will display the current balance and below that, the next 5 transactions.)
3. Press the button of the card to start the process of Recharging not your phone. In less than 22 seconds, your Zong Card will be charged.
When you recharge your Zong Card using the app, the amount which you are charged will not be debited from the card you are using. In the event the card which you are using becomes empty, you can still make transactions by making a limit order exceeding the posted Zong Limit.

3. How to transfer the balance of Zong to any network?

How to Transfer Zong Balance to any Network? To transfer the remaining balance of Zong to any network, follow the steps given below: Click on the ‘My Zong’ tab. Click on ‘Transfer Balance’ option. Click on the ‘Change Network’ tab. Click on ‘Continue’ tab.Select the number of your desired network.
How to Get the Balance of Your Phone? Click on the ‘Buy Zong’ link on the Zong website. Click and select ‘Get the balance of mobile phone’ from the box and enter the mobile phone number of the mobile charger along with the proof of usage.
How to Swap the Card for another? This is pretty easy for most of the airlines. With a valid e-mail address and the phone number of the mobile phone that you are using, you can get the balance transferred easily. Don’t worry, Videocard is not accepted.
Should I Pay or Cancel My Zong? It usually makes a lot of sense to pay off your mobile phone balance. Don’t start using your phone seriously if you are using your phone for personal things. However, remember that even though you don’t pay your balance, you are still getting charged automatically for your usage (which is called lost revenue). And if the company that issues the worth on your mobile phone decides to stop offering you this service or its billing system changes, you might end up paying a higher amount for a flat monthly amount. In such a case, you can either cancel your existing charger or pay the balance by transferring it to someone else.
How many payments should I make every month? There is an option of “monthly recurring charges” but most consumers are more comfortable paying a one-time amount. Reasons for this could be: “I carry mobile phone with me at all the times” or “I can pay bills in advance so I don’t need to pay monthly charges”. Or you might also have a set recurring charges for your business that consists of office space, internet bill, etc.

4. How to get the best offer on Zong recharge card?

To get the best offer on Zong recharge card, you need to buy it from the right place. You can buy it from the Zong recharge website or any other reliable site. You will get the card delivered to your home. You will get many offers on this card to recharge it with different amounts.
So, be an early bird, get the offer on the card for its full Rs 100 value — the regular price of this card. Then try to get this amount of credit within a week and as soon as you get the amount of credit, spend it within a day and get transferred to another bank to start the process over again.
The balance and the amount of credit are the same for all Rs 100-120 credit cards. You can play with credit on this card, so always be mindful of the number of the credit limit and the uses of this card. Do not keep it in your wallet. To unlock this card, you must enter a phone number.
Use of the card: I have bought so many Zong cards that I cannot give proper names here as some of these cards have been used. Obviously there are a lot of other credit cards that could have been used, but I tried to highlight the main ones that have impacted Rp 2.5-5cr. Rather than asking people about their experiences, please make a concise account of your usage and then share your thoughts in the comments section below.
Credit Card History: Look for membership with credit card companies. By joining their credit card online service, you will get your credit report from the credit card companies. You can ask them for personal financial details from the credit report, and also just read the credit report to know there are dark marks on it if you have used credit cards out of your limits.

5. How to know the validity of your zong recharge card?

To know the validity of your zong recharge card, you can go to, type your recharge card number and check the balance. If you want to know more about zong recharge cards, you can comment below or send me an email. I will try to help you as much as I can.
The Balance Depends on the Card
I want to clarify that the zong recharge card does not charge an additional fee additionally to your regular monthly mobile services bill.
When you recharge your mobile phone using the zong card, the amount charged is deducted from your existing charges on your phone.
Simply put, if you compare the real life numbers, the card does not add more than about 1.35% more in cost to your mobile phone.
Regularly Compare Your Phones
I am not saying it’s all rosy, but I personally love this Debit/ Credit Card strategy. It is long been my common practice to frequently compare my mobile phone bills and balances with other people I know and trust. It is very popular among web entrepreneurs and business consultants.
Before looking for a card, ask yourself the following questions.


  • Do you really have access/need this card?
  • Can you afford not to carry around your debit card everyday?
  • Do you need extra services beyond what is included with your current plan?


A Real Life Example

I had a call recently from a friend who was brimming with pride about his recent business success. He told how he hadn’t been able to pay off his phone bill in 14 months because of his excessive monthly usage, even though he charged up to 35% of his monthly bill balance on his phone.

Since this call, he has spent sleepless nights worrying if something bad (like a decrease in services, a new bill, etc) was about to happen. Fortunately, He made the adjustment and doesn’t plan to make the same mistake again. It was a wise decision.
Often, I catch myself constantly checking and comparing my bills.



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